RTP of Progressive Jackpot Slots

RTP is an acronym for “Return To Player” and is a value you should always pay close attention to when approaching a new jackpot slot machine. This value is expressed as a percentage, as it indicates precisely the percentage of “return to the player”, i.e. how much of the total volume of plays exercised on a slot goes to the player, and what part goes to the online casino. From this summary explanation you can understand how important it is to know the RTP in order to adjust your gaming strategy, and above all, decide how much money you intend to invest in that particular jackpot slot.

What is RTP of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Based on what has been said so far you may think that the percentage indicated by the RTP also indicates how much you could win out of a total amount of 100. Obviously this is not the case, because there would be no taste to playing a slot knowing in advance what amount you can win. The thing to keep in mind is that RTP is a statistical figure, which is not calculated on a single play but overall of many plays. This means that a slot machine returns the given percentage. Of course, though, you can’t know in advance how much it will return to the individual player. There will always be those who win big figures and those who lose. So why would you care what is the RTP of a jackpot slot you intend to try?

As already mentioned, knowing the Return To Player of a slot allows you to understand if that particular title can be suitable for your style of play and investing money.

RTP of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Theoretical RTP and Base Return to Player Explained

The RTP value you find indicated in slot machines, along with the rules of the game and its characteristics, is defined as “theoretical” because what is communicated by the company that produced the slot machine in question. The percentage is then calculated in a “theoretical” way, based on the evaluations and projections made based on the mechanism adopted in that specific slot to deliver winnings.

The base RTP, the real one that comes from the slots played in the various online casinos that host it, could vary. But the periodicity of the controls means that there can never be significant discrepancies, and that the monthly and theoretical RTP are always, in principle, rather in line with each other.

Differences Between RTP and Volatility of Jackpot Slots

The concept of volatility (or variance) would seem not to be very different from that of RTP, and in fact the two terms are closely linked. If the RTP percentage value numerically expresses the return of a slot, volatility translates this value into frequency. We know that a slot with low volatility pays often, but with smaller amounts. On the contrary, slots marked by high volatility pay substantial amounts, but with less frequency.

Basically, the two pieces of information combined, namely the value of RTP and volatility, allow you to choose with criteria which slot machine to select for your gaming session. There is no good, or bad, choice at all: there are only different players with different bankrolls, who therefore have to calibrate their game in order to optimize the resources available to achieve the desired results.

RTP and Wagering Requirement of Jackpot Slots

We have said that when you have to unlock a bonus you must comply with the wagering requirement necessary to turn a Welcome Bonus into a Real Bonus. It is also good to keep in mind the RTP value of the jackpot slots you intend to play on to fulfill the wagering requirement. We know that the wagering requirement consists of an x value, which is the number of times the bonus must be put back into play in order to then be cashed out. To achieve this you must therefore play all the games of the online casino to which you are registered, but be careful.

In fact, usually not all games compete 100%. Not only that: if slots also compete at 100%, those with higher RTP certainly allow you to get to total the necessary amount more quickly. For this reason, it is always advisable to read very carefully all the clauses and rules concerning the unlocking of a bonus, but also all the characteristics of the individual slots and individual casino games. By optimizing your bets, you can unlock the Real Bonus in less time.

  • RTP stands for Return To Player, and indicates the return to the player in terms of winning a slot machine title The RTP expresses a percentage of a statistical figure
  • It is not calculated on a single gaming session, but on numerous plays at the same slot
  • Don’t consider a possible Jackpot
  • It has no possibility of manipulation by the casino
  • The RTP of online slot machines is always higher than that of bar machines