Best Progressive Slots With Biggest Jackpots

Slot machines are the most beloved games among those offered by casinos, both land-based and online. To decree this success is the presence of jackpots of the highest value offered by these games – Progressive Jackpots. These are life-changing figures for those lucky players capable of hitting a progressive jackpot. Not all slot games offer these jackpots. Below we have put together a list of best slot machines with biggest progressive jackpots.

Features of Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

All slot machines have a series of symbols that if they show up on the reels in certain combinations will guarantee with win. Some specific symbols, such as Wilds or Scatters, allow you to win higher figures than regular ones. Jackpot symbols in many slots are not tied to some particular combinations, but they still pay out winnings.

The jackpot (which makes up the prize pool) is often progressive, that is, it is not determined in a set sum but grows until it is won. The amount up for grabs is fed by a percentage of the bets placed and the moment it is won it starts from scratch. Progressive jackpots can reach very high sums, up to several hundred thousand euros, wrapped in excess of one million, so it is difficult to win them.

Progressive jackpot slots have the same rules and operation as classic ones. The only difference is that a percentage of the bets will form the jackpot, the prize pool.

Best Slot Machines with Jackpot

Below is a list of the best slot machines with progressive jackpots, present in licensed casinos and therefore legal and reliable. Clicking on each of these will bring us a careful review and the demo to try it for free.

Arabian Nights Slot

Arabian Nights transports the player to the typical medieval Arab world, and is produced by NetEnt, the Software House well known above all for the incredible graphics of its productions.

The game grid consists of five reels and ten betting lines, which pay from left to right. To get a winning combination, in fact, you need a minimum number of three equal symbols starting from the left reel.

In addition to the classic symbols that alternate throughout the game, the Wild symbol is represented by the genius of the lamp, who has the power to replace all other symbols except the Scatter, and can allow the player to achieve incredible winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, is represented by a lamp, which can assign a minimum number of fifteen free spins, following the appearance of three or more Scatter symbols on the reels.

Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah is a slot game produced by Microgaming, and is particularly popular as it features some animals, which transport the player into a sensational atmosphere.

The game grid consists of five reels and three rows, on which there are fifteen symbols during each spin made on such an online slot machine.

In addition, the most fun feature of the game is represented by the graphics, and in particular the animations, which allow you to live a really interesting and engaging session.

The Wild symbol is depicted by the lion, which performs the function of Wild, and is therefore able to replace all other symbols.

The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, consists of the monkey, which assigns the player a certain number of free spins, which can also be reactivated during the Bonus feature.

These are just a few online slot machines with great potential and an incredible Progressive Jackpot that can allow you to get amazing winnings!


How to Win the Progressive Jackpot at Slots

Progressive jackpot slot machines are among the most loved games by users because they can deliver life-changing winnings. For this reason, receiving such a prize is really rare and only a few players enjoy such luck. Winning a big jackpot is everyone’s dream, which is why many believe they know about the tricks applicable to slot machines that allow you to succeed. Actually there are no methods that guarantee 100% certain winnings at slots, whether they are small or large sums, it remains a matter of luck.

What you can put into practice to optimize your chances of winning are valid game tips:

  • To win the jackpot, you usually need to play the maximum of coins, otherwise the maximum amount obtainable will be less than the prize pool
  • Before operating the slot you must always study the rules related to the jackpot to place the right bet. By clicking on the information button you can find information on the slot rules at any time
  • Always remember to keep bankroll separate from money marked for daily expenses. In this way you do not run into problems because you only bet what you can possibly afford to lose. If you were to complete the bankroll credit, avoid the temptation to tap into the money marked for other expenses.

If your slot budget is tight, the advice is to bet less to avoid losing everything right away in bad luck. In some slots by constantly betting maximum coins, but with the lowest value, you can still win smaller jackpots. This is possible, for example, by betting 10 tokens without giving it the value of €2 but 20 cents. You will get a lower sum than the progressive jackpot, but it will still be a considerable amount.

When choosing the slot it is also useful to consider the classic chances of winning, regardless of the jackpot. These are for example bonus games, special features and free spins (free spins with which you can accumulate winnings). In addition, there are a whole bunch of rare symbols that if presented in a certain way result in high payouts.

Regardless of whether your bankroll is high or low, it’s crucial to keep it under control without fixating on the progressive jackpot of slot machines. You don’t just have to play for the prize pool, because even if it’s not an impossible task, it’s still very difficult to win it. You always have to keep your nerves firmly, because if you bet recklessly attracted to the jackpot, you end up losing everything. This is because, despite the fact that it is gluttony, getting the jackpot remains a feat that only a lucky few in the world have managed to achieve.